Show number of new/unread posts for each community in the Topics tab

Please show the number of new/unread posts for each community on the first page in the Topics tab.

(Like the official Discourse Hub App does)


Thanks for your input.

Just to be clear, you want it somewhere on this page:

Or one level down once you drill down into a community and are viewing the topics list?

I’d prefer it on the Communities page so I know which forums have new/unread topics.

I agree with this! Right now the official Discourse app is still more useful than Fig, because I know which communities I have updates in at a glance.

At the “one level deep” view, I’d like to be able to switch between new, unread, and latest posts—again similar to the official Discourse app, though I imagine the UX could be better.

(Fig is beautiful though! I plan on paying in once it matches the official app’s features.) (I thought I saw somewhere that there was a subscription, but now I can’t find it.)

Yes, I would like it on the top/first page.

You can select between categories/latest/top/new/unread by pressing the “View By” button shown below:

While everyone browses things differently, I am surprised that not having the new/unread count at root communities level is a show stopper for you.

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It’s by no means a show stopper.

Still, I’d like it if I immediately (on the top page, without any user interaction) could see whether there is new/updated content in a community or I can skip it in my current “session”.

That menu doesn’t show new/unread for me. (E.g., it should show this thread, as this was the first time I logged in since your reply.)

As for the top-level counts, I’d be surprised if it wasn’t a show stopper for most people with a lot of communities.

I have five communities added now. Without an indication of where there’s new content, I have to tap each community, then tap the menu you pointed out, then tap the category I want to review (typically new, unread, and latest). So, for each community, that’s seven interactions (2x for each menu activation+category selection). I check these communities ten times a day, easy, but there often isn’t new content in some categories. Say there’s no updates 25% of the time. In Fig, that would mean I would interact with the app ~83 extra times per day.

Conversely, in the official Discourse app, I need only open it to see that there are new or unread posts via the top-level view. Only about three of my interactions per day will be useless.

Thanks for your feedback @ryanjamurphy

A few things that could make your experience more enjoyable as we tweak/enhance the landing page:

  1. Enable New/Unread filters in Settings, they are hidden by default.
  2. In each community, you can set the default “Homepage”, aka the landing page to categories/latest/top/new/unread/etc and Fig will respect and load that page when you tap on that community. This setting is on per community level, you can access this under Account -> Preferences.
  3. You can enable notifications for the categories you are interested in to get notifiers of new topics/replies.

I know the above may not resolve your issue but may make it easier as we work on adding this.

I see the New and Unread filters for other communities but not for this one.

The “View By Top Menu” is configurable by each community admin. We do not have them enabled. Additionally, they only appear when a user is logged in.

Do you plan to enable “View By Top Menu?” Also, providing a dark mode option would be nice when viewing the forum from

We don’t have control over webpages.

The “View By” menu is their for all communities. The contents of the menu however is controlled by the community admins.


That is all

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