Notifications on IOS. All working except badge

Hi: I have Fig set up for my discourse community.

  1. I’ve downloaded and set up my iOS app. (Easy, thank you)
  2. I’ve enable Notifications on iOS and turn everything on (banners, notification centre, sounds, badges etc)
  3. I’ve sent some test posts
  • Sound working
  • Banners working
  • In notification

NOT working:

  • most critically I need the badges on the app - but there is no count showing. I’ve searched the forum to find out if I am missing a setting, but I can’t find anything.

Tx for any help and insight.

Separately: None of the admin functionality shows and the admin notifications don’t come through - I’m assuming it’s not possible to get those, but thought I would check.

There is no support for badging currently because there is no reliable way to determine the count.
There is also no support for admin controls.


That is really unfortunate. Will Fig never be able to have badge notifications?

Is there a possibility that admin controls will be added to Fig in the future?

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