Markdown Editor Enhancements

It would be awesome if the Markdown editor could show live rendering; on devices that have enough room, it could be side-by-side, but on devices that don’t, it would be nice to render the text with the effect. iA Writer does something similar—instead of just *text*, it renders as *text*, so you don’t have to keep referencing the preview to make sure your markup is right.


@SlaunchaMan Thanks for the feedback and thanks for being one of our very early testers! We will certainly consider side-by-side editor-previewer for devices with more screen like iPad.

Inline rendering like in Bear app and iA writter would be awesome, however it is not trivial to include for various reasons:

  • Which elements would render inline?
  • If we only render some elements, does that hurt the first-user experience of other non-rendered markdown where users may think the markdown syntax is broken?
  • Would we remove the current preview function that exists?

On the iOS side, while there is a lot of libraries/open-source that help renderer markdown, none exist (or good ones at least) that I know of for inline markdown editing. With discussion boards, there is also the BBCode format that would need to be supported, specially when quoting text other posts, etc.

The editor that we will launch with will be as good as what you get on the web, and we will focus on making the editor better once we have some of the more core features completed.

That being said, I welcome feedback where we can improve our current editor with small tweaks prior to release.

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