Make it easier to see latest posts

In the Category view, Fig shows the category description while DiscourseHub shows the latest 3 topics in the category.

Fig’s behavior means I have to toggle the View By settings to Latest to see the latest posts across the forum. I have to do this every time, so it gets tedious.

Some options for your consideration:

  • Change the design of the Category view. I think the descriptions are typically not that important to show. Maybe reduce the descriptions to 2 lines and include a few topics below each category?
  • Persist the View By settings so I can default to the Latest view. If this is controversial behavior, perhaps a Remember View By setting.

Thanks for the feedback and welcome to the community.

Fig app respects the communities landing page set by admins and it is set to Latest for Fig Forums. If Fig app is going to Categories for you, it might be because you changed the Homepage preference in your Fig Forums -> Interface settings as Fig app also respects that preference.

We do plan on showing the latest topics below categories, but we won’t be doing a blended category/latest topics list as its just a terrible way to browse categories and terrible way to browse latest posts.

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I am having the same issue. When I change the preference on the individual forums profile page, it is respected in the app by some (Fig for example) but not by others (Devonthink). Any help appreciated.

In the latest version of Fig (v1.1.3), we now simply show the previously selected “View By” selection the user had. Please upgrade and try that out.

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Perfect! Thank you very much and thanks for the great app.