Mac App Request

Would love a Mac app, too!


Yeah, many people want a Fig app in the Mac App Store.

The developers weren’t as interested though, not to mention that they’ve been dead silent for more than a month now. The possibility of Fig app for macOS is still in the realm of possibility though. Take a look at the topic I linked above.

The already existing Fig app for iPad should already work on Apple Silicon Macs, but I cannot imagine that it is a good experience. That is why people have suggested to the developers that they should use Mac Catalyst, along with Universal 2 now that we have Apple Silicon Macs. Mac Catalyst and Universal 2 would make it much easier to port the Fig app for iPad and turn it into a great Mac app that’s ready to be put in the Mac App Store. Regardless, the developers remain hesitant.

Again, I would recommend taking a look at the entirety of the topic that I have already linked.

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I wonder if that’s why the developers have gone silent for the past year or so? :thinking:


+1 Would love this as well