Lost draft post 🤬

Though I should know better than to write longform in anything that isn’t a super secure word processor, I got carried away in a post this morning.

Then, while Fig was backgrounded as I was trying to find a link, it deleted the draft. I returned to Fig only to find a “New Reply” with a blank page staring at me. 1.5 hours of work, gone.

I suggest adding better draft post handling.

Sorry about that. Was Fig killed (by system, not necessarily by you) while it was in background?

It’s mostly my fault for not sticking to best practices. “Save every paragraph, every five minutes, and every time you think of it.”

I assume it was killed—the app’s space was still up in my recent applications, but it was backgrounded for a few minutes before this happened.

What iPhone/iPad model do you have? I want to do some research regarding background refresh in Fig.

This was on an iPad Pro 11” 2018 running 13.4.1.

Okay, I have some questions for you.

  1. Do you have the 1TB model?
  2. Have you tried updating your iPad Pro to the latest version of iPadOS (13.5.1)?