iCloud Sync for settings and forums between devices


Are there any plans to have iCloud sync so all my forums and log in status sync to all my other iOS devices?

Also, I will be happy to beta test.

Finally, one of the features of Fig + is unlimited communities which implies that there is a limit to the amount of communities one can have on the non Fig+ account. please clarify.

Thanks again for making Fig.


Communities and global preferences already automatically sync via iCloud. Login info does not sync as login is to tied to each device.

Thank you for your response.

Yes, the forums are synced. I was more requesting for auto login. But understand if this is not possible

Apple frowns upon storing sensitive data in iCloud sync and is generally not a good security practice. Sign In to your community should be easy once you enable Keychain in iCloud and allow it to autocomplete your passwords.

Welcome to Fig and happy browsing. :smiley:

That is a very good point.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Can you also please clarify on the number of communities one can have before they have to subscribe, assuming I do not have any private communities?

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We don’t know yet. Please consider using Fig+ to support our continued development.