How to config my discourse to allow Fig authenticate?


Set up my new discourse community, try to use Fig to log in, but got an error message below, what kind of changes I need to make in my discourse to get over this? Thanks.


Enable the User API in Administrator settings

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Thanks for that quick response, it seems this option has enabled by default:

Does the Discourse App hub app work for this community?

Didn’t try it yet, as far as I understand, in order to get the Hub working I have to make a pull request manually add my site to their Github repository.

Where is that stated?

When I am in the DiscourseHub hit the “+” button, put my site URL in, it gives me my site was not found error, then I went to their Github page, it seems I have to make a pull request to allow my site searchable in their app, which I think all sites are hard coded in the app.

This site is not on there but it works.

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That’s odd. I think I have to look more into it. :thinking:

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I think this is completely confuses me on their Github page, I have no idea why my site can not be found in the Hub but this site can.

What is the name of your community?

It’s not official yet, we just trail the potential of it. It’s very strange, the only thing I can think of is it’s behind a nginx reverse proxy. But all function seems work.

You should request it to be added to the discovery tab.

Thanks, which discovery tab you refer to? DiscourseHub? make a pull request as I mentioned before?

Oh, I’m referring to the one in Fig.

Fig has no problem to find mysite, but Fig can not authenticate against my site. Error meesga is on the top thread screenshot. It’s discoursehub can not add my site.

No, I’m talking about requesting it to be put in the discovery tab in the Fig app. It’s next to the inbox button.

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Why, when it won’t work with the site?

What I recommend is asking for help on, getting the site working with the discourse hub app.

I suspect that if you get that working it will work on Fig, too.

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Thanks, very odd, I have asked there.

I have looked through all the previous discussions, no luck so far.

  1. I am on the latest version: 2.7.0.beta8

  2. SSL check seems okay: SSL Server Test: (Powered by Qualys SSL Labs)

  3. This link does respond,

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I just added your site and it works just fine:
Tap the “+” button, enter: