Fig inbox opens up safari browser

when i access my inbox on fig and click on a message or a badge, the message opens in a browser (safari) instead of inside fig. when i open a message about a reply or a like on a post i made within fig, the message opens in fig.

is this how it is for others?
i am wanting to stay in the app and avoid redirection to browser as much as possible.

if you know of somewhere this is already covered - what to expect in app and what not to- do please link me?

thank you :raised_hands:t4:

Hi Lexxi. Welcome to Fig.

Some functions are not supported in app, and redirect to browser. That will be indicated by the arrow icon.

If you want to have an in-app browser instead, you can toggle that in your Fig settings.

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hi Mo! ah thank you for your reply. surprised at the swiftness of it :slight_smile:. i did a little searching to understand “toggle”. in this instance, are you referring to the ability to go to

general-> other -> open link in

and then select “in-app safari”?
i did that and quit and restarted the app and notice no difference.

if it is more complex to set up than that, will someone be so kind as to link me to
an article where i can learn how to help myself out here?

:man_cartwheeling:t4:for options.



Here you go.

The current setup can be inconvenient at times. Sorry about the confusion.

You’ll have to dig through some settings in the Fig app, but there’s a toggle to enable the beloved in-app Safari. :slight_smile:

You are right, the “open link in” option is not being respected for inbox links. Will add that as a bug that we will fix.