Fig 1.1.3 Released – New/Unread Badging Enhancements & More

Fig 1.1.3 (iOS) has been released to the App Store.

What’s New

New & Unread

New and unread topic counts now appear in your community list and can be dismissed in bulk. Additionally they also appear on each topic indicating which topics are new or number of posts that are unread for that topic

See Latest Post

You can now easily scroll to the bottom of a topic by clicking the navigation bar title

Community Management

You can now reorder communities in the My Communities section by using Haptic Touch. To make the experience consistent, deleting communities can also be found there as well.

Other Enhancements

  • Fig now store your previous “View By” state and sync it across devices, so you will always return to your last shown topic list view style.
  • For the Categories view, we additionally show the latest topics across all categories below it for those who like to browse communities by categories and latest topics.
  • We added the last visit separator to indicate which topics you have not seen since your last visit

Support Fig

If you like these enhancements and would like to see more, please consider subscribing to Fig+ and refer your fellow community members to Fig app. In Fig app’s Settings, you can Share/Review/Subscribe Fig easily and quickly.

Thank you to all who have given us feedback.