Fig 1.0.0 – Introducing Fig

Ever since I started using the internet, I have been enamored with discussion boards. The passion and depth of knowledge you find in them is unparalleled to any feed based social platforms. By design, they archive information and prompt discussion. They contain a wealth of information that we want to bring to more people.


Fig is a powerful and simple to use discussion board client that allows you to browse your favorite community, forum, and bulletin board right from your iOS or iPadOS device.

Fig is a modern, fully featured forum client with useful features in a simple, intuitive interface:

  • Browse your communities, from one place
  • Add communities from over 2,500+ available
  • Unified inbox allowing you to see all your notifications or messages in one inbox
  • Powerful search allowing you to search by multiple text terms or by one or more tags
  • iPadOS support with optimization for multitasking
  • Author forum content like a pro. With support for markdown, image attachment and the ability to quote posts with ease.
  • Customized notification for topics or categories you are subscribed to, fully controlled by you


Most of the functions and features in Fig are free and will be plentiful for most users. Fig+ subscription allows access to private communities, unlimited number of posts and communities, free app icons, and future premium features. It will also help sustain the continuous development of Fig.

Fig is a unique fruit that come in hundreds of varieties. They symbolize the wide range of communities Fig app gives users access to. They also symbolize the knowledge and growth communities experience as they evolve.

We hope you love using Fig for discourse.

Fig is available for free in the App Store.

Screen Shot 2020-04-14 at 8.02.48 AM


How do we activate the Fig+ subscription?

When you try to login to a private community, you will be prompted with the subscription options. Once you opt-in, you can manage your subscription in Settings.

Thanks for the quick response. Was trying to access the Stratechery forum but it doesn’t show up during search.