Enable `prefers-color-scheme` CSS media feature in Fig App Forums

I originally posted this as a previous Topic, but the comment section got completely derailed, so I changed the title and text of that Topic to reflect the comment thread, and I’m reposting the original Topic as a new one.

I have a visual disability that leads me to use Dark Mode 24/7, and Dark Mode software support is a major focus area for me.

All modern web browsers support the prefers-color-scheme CSS media feature for automatically choosing between Light Mode and Dark Mode CSS styles.

Right now the Fig App Forums do not provide a Dark Mode, even for registered users, though the core Discourse themes should include Dark Mode versions by default.

Additionally, it seems like Discourse in particular supprts enabling prefers-color-scheme as the default, while still allowing users to optionally override it.

The administrators on other Discourse instances I frequent have had some success enabling this Discourse feature when I have suggested it.

Because respecting implicit user preferences is more accessible for site visitors with visual disabilities, you should enable this feature if at all possible.

I have Fig installed on my iPhone and dark mode seems to work just fine.

Not the Fig app, on my phone. The website here on https://forums.fighq.io, on my Mac.

Ah, okay. Yeah, I wish more Discourse communities had a dark mode color scheme. It’s ridiculous that dark mode isn’t available everywhere in 2021. Some communities just straight up refuse to add a dark mode color scheme.

We can only hope for a macOS version of Fig… :pray:

I’ve had relatively good luck when I provide focused instructions for how to enable a pre-existing dark mode, e.g. on Discord or WordPress. Framing it in terms of disability and accessibility also seems to help.