Compose dialog disappears

Several times this week the compose dialog just disappeared while I was typing.

When I want to reply/compose again in the same community I get this error:

You are currently composing a post. Please complete or dismiss that post before creating a new post.

However, I don’t see any UI to get to that screen…

So I lose all the text I typed and on top of that have to force quit the App to be able to post again…

Hope you can fix this (or tell me how to get back to the compose dialog).

The compose sheet can dock at the bottom below the tab bar to allow for multi-tasking. So tap or swipe up on it to return it into focus.

It happens on an iPad.

When I intentionally tapped outside of this reply dialog it disappeared and there seems no way to swipe up… (on iPad)

That indeed a bug, it should not dismiss when tapping the chrome/shaded area. Look for that to be fixed soon.

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